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About PPP

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About PPP


Public Private Partnership (PPP) is an emerging global concept for development and management of infrastructure especially meant for public use. It is a collaboration between the government and private sector entities to provide better public services, infrastructure and utilities to the citizens. PPPs have opened an alternate route for private sector investment, while helping in utilising the managerial & technical competencies of the private sector, to achieve the goals of sustainable, inclusive economic growth and accelerated human development.

Odisha has been at the forefront of implementing PPP projects in various sectors.

The State Government has formulated this explicit and comprehensive Public Private Partnership Policy. The earlier policy (PPP Policy 2007) established an enabling policy framework for promotion of PPPs in the State which resulted in PPP gaining momentum and a few marquee projects being implemented in PPP. There have been significant changes in the PPP scenario in the country since with formulation and amendments of various Central Government policies and guidelines. Public Private Partnership (PPP) Policy 2023 aims at reinforcing and further accelerating the growth of PPPs in the State and helping the State to adapt to changes in the PPP ecosystem.

PPP has been an effective model for the development of various sectors in the state of Odisha. The government's efforts to facilitate PPP projects have resulted in significant progress in infrastructure, healthcare, education, tourism, and other sectors. The state's commitment to PPP projects is expected to further enhance the quality of life of its citizens and promote sustainable development.

Directorate of PPP

The Directorate of PPP was set up in 2019/20 in the Department of Finance, to facilitate and review the Public –Private projects in the State.

The Directorate of PPP is responsible for matters concerning PPPs, including Policies, Schemes, programmes, Model Concession Agreements and Capacity Building.