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ଅର୍ଥ ବିଭାଗ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାର

Policy Framework – PPP

ସାଧାରଣ ଭିତର ବ୍ୟାନର _ ଅର୍ଥ

Policy Framework – PPP

It has been observed that policy frameworks that are unclear and prone to ambiguity create uncertainty in the minds of investors, developers, and government decision-makers. A clear framework enables better decision – making and lowers the risk that investors are willing to take, resulting in making Odisha an attractive destination for investment.

The Government of Odisha has established a roadmap for private sector participation based on best practises and experience of projects in Odisha and the country.

Odisha Public Private Partnership (OPPP) Policy, 2023: The Government of Odisha formulated the OPPP Policy in 2023, which aims to promote and facilitate PPP projects in the state. The policy provides guidelines for project selection, procurement, and implementation, as well as risk allocation, dispute resolution, and monitoring and evaluation.

Gazette Notification of Odisha PPP Policy

It is important to note that the legal framework for PPP is revised and upgraded over time based on stakeholder experiences of existing projects operating in PPP mode. The government may introduce new policies or amend existing laws to promote and facilitate PPP projects in the state.